Experience an unforgettable on a 48 passenger amphibious boat (built 2009)in sheltered Valentia Harbour.
Enjoyable for Young and Old.  Island Hop to Valentia Island and have a coffee and go home by boat. Land on beautiful deserted Begnis Island. Good for rainy days – closeable roof. Childrens activities. Retired groups catered for.

Things old and new, Viking settlements, Monastic Church Island, Castles, Slate quarry, Lighthouse, 19th Century “undersea Internet” cables, new Marina. Seals and seabirds are plentiful.  

This is a coastal landing craft (with wheels). Valentia harbour is protected from the Atlantic and seasickness is not a problem. Full toilet facilities.

Full safety licence from the Department of Transport. The roof on the boat is half open to the sun and can be fully closed if rain threatens.

Boat and Toilet are wheelchair friendly
Beginis Island / Valentia Harbour
Beginis Island is a beautiful deserted island in Valentia Harbour
Church Island
This Monastic Settlement in Valentia Harbour had a little monastery, with oratory, hut, holy well and shrine.
Knightstown Pier
PicturesFishing PIer and Marina on Valentia Island
Theres plenty to see on our Tour, from a Variety of Birds to Seals, there is lots to see and take
pictures of.
Range of Activities
Colouring and wordsearches for Children, Coffee stop on Valentia Island, Some Trips Land on Unihabited Begnis Island

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